Lazy Looker




Strangers in the same apartment
Is that what we've become just room mates?
We share the same cutting board
And I think you're ready to cut me off with the internet
And start reading books about blowing glass

And I was always careful with your cutlery
And you know me I'm rather clumsy
With knives and self-esteem
With knives and self-esteem

I have none left, I'm getting older
And I wanted to grow old with you
But sometimes I can't get what I want
So I'll leave it up to you

So you asked if I needed a hand
To carry my stuff down to the van
And I said "No thanks I need the excercise"
So I can find another man.

But I'm a lazy looker
And I know I won't find shit
And if I'm destined for boredom
Then so be it.

I'm pretty good at pacing down the pavement
And wasting gasoline
And shuffling through the stations to find a song
That reminds me of what we used to be

And I'm so sorry for wasting all your time
Even vaseline couldn't free me from this bind
And if you want to be free you must leave this soul behind

So you asked if you could hold my hand
If we could start over again
But I've already packed the van


from Lazy Looker, released July 29, 2017



all rights reserved


MONTROSE MAN Chicago, Illinois

Kratzwood Mac
Kratz - Haywood - MacDuff

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